Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pantry Reorganization

I found this old Krylon Spray Paint display in my Pa-Paw Joe's barn and thought it would be perfect for storing my canned goods. Pretty neat huh?

I love these Rubbermaid drawers.


  1. I love the old display, would you be willing to sell the krylon display and or sign? Did pa have any old spray paint cans laying around, I would love to purchase them too. I am a HUGE collector of old spray paint. You can contact me via Thanks, Dave

  2. I won't be selling it, I'm very sentimental and I love that small connection to my past.

  3. Understandable, I just had to ask. Thats a really neat early 70's krylon display rack. I collect old spray paint cans, and if you have anything else like old cans working or not, I would be VERY interested. Love what you did with it, could you post a straight on picture of it? Thanks, Dave