Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taco Soup To-Go

1 lb browned ground meat
1 pkg ranch dressing mix
1 pkg fajita seasoning mix
3 cans pinto beans
1 family size can corn (drained)
1 can chili beans
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can Mexican stewed tomatoes
1 can Rotel

Throw everything in a crock pot, stir and cook on high for about two hours. This is a really easy recipe, my favorite kind. Now, here's what I do differently...My husband doesn't care for tomatoes so I take both cans of stewed tomatoes and the Rotel and blast in my blender for a few seconds. It doesn't take long at all and he doesn't even know their in there...sneaky huh? He also doesn't care for soup, picky right? So for this little quirk I drain his soup and serve with tortilla chips for a thick and hearty "taco dip." Now, for the to go factor I put a cup of soup in a mason jar (my new obsession) and top with half a cup of cornbread batter. I use Marie Calendar's it is quick, moist, and yummy. Plus, all you have to add is water. Bake in oven following the directions for corn bread muffins. Insert a toothpick to see if the cornbread is done and screw lids on to prevent spilling. Lastly, I called my delivery boy, Colton and his sister Ashley-Pie, to come pick up my picnic basket and take jars to everybody on the farm(my parents, grandparents, and my aunt, uncle, and two children). I had plenty to share plus I have four lunch size servings left too.

Conquering the Coconut

This morning we opened a coconut for the very first time. What a challenge!

There are three holes(tender spots) on one end of every coconut and Google said to drive a nail in each hole and drain the liquid. It was wonderful. We strained it through a coffee filter to remove all the little hairy particles.

After the liquid is removed wrap coconut in a towel and whack with a hammer.

The kids each took turns until it opened up. I must say the inside is a gorgeous white that has remained completely protected and unblemished from the rest of the world. At last we tasted the meat...yum! All in all this was a fun little project for the kids to do together.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home School Rooms For Inspiration

Globes...I love globes and I have a bunch.
Track lights
Annette will like this one for the books. I like the ceiling too.
This one would be good for A.C.E.


Neat and organized

A table for group classes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Trip To Robber's Cave

This is the rock at the entrance to "The Devil's Slide"

One of the caves.

It was well over a hundred degrees everywhere but here and it was probably sixty right there.

Definitely a slippery slope. However, this was truly an amazing family experience.

Kim, Sam, and Tommy.

Mr. Adventure

I nearly had a heart attack watching them.

The view half way up.

Looking down into one of the caves.

My boys climbing down in there. I did not follow.

Jerry on the top looking down at all of us.

Another beautiful view.

Now to get back down, hmmm!


Uncle Harley

Look at Maddi go.

This crack goes all the way through and you can see people at the bottom, creepy.

I loved all the scenery.


A skinny escape.

I didn't like the tight quarters in there but, it was the only way out.

"Don't let go Layne"
We spent Saturday at Robber's Cave in Oklahoma. It is the legendary hide out of Jesse James and his outlaws. There was so much to do there for both young and old. You could swim, putt-putt, fish, camp, grill, paddle boat, canoe, hike, bike, or visit their nature center. Then enjoy a snow cone. We will be going again for sure.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuffed Pita

I have been experimenting with new foods and thought I would share this one. In the above picture I have mixed greens(Spring Mix), dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, and a rasberry vinigarette. I have never cared for Blue cheese at all, but I wanted to try it anyways. As it turns out when paired with the cranberries it is perfection. For lunch one day I made my salad and tossed in a bowl to even coat the lettuce with my dressing. Then stuffed into a pita pocket. I really loved the combo and it was filling too.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crock Pot Pork Chops

1 family pack of thinly sliced pork chops
1 can cream of chicken
1 cup of sour cream
1 packet of your favorite dry dip mix ( I used Garlic Chipotle by Halladays)
     Mix your cream of chicken, sour cream, and dip mix. Now spread a small amount in the bottom of your crock. Add some chops and spread a little more. You want a little of your creamy mixture to cover all your chops. Turn crock to high for about 3 hours.
     I must say these were delicious. L ate five that night, leaving his Daddy a little hungry at the close of the dinner hour.

PS-I just made this one up last week. I didn't have a marinade and I wanted to add a little zip to dinner that night. I stepped into the pantry and began to stare at my everyday staples and I though hmmm...I wonder???